A Sample of our Kitchen Projects

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For many of us the kitchen is the most important room in the house. It is the very heart and soul of the home. The aromas of a meal being prepared for family, friends and loved-ones can fill us with a sense of joy and anticipation like few things in life can. We grow up learning to cook at the side of our Mother or Nana. We learn to cook for dates and friends as we grow older, we prepare meals for our spouses and later our families, and later enjoying sharing suppers at sunset. Is it any wonder that having a beautiful, comfortable and functional kitchen is one of the most important priorities for todays home owners in Dallas, Tx., and Austin, Tx.

We listen to your priorities, vision and aesthetics in your dream kitchen! We have the imagination and experience to help design a one of a kind kitchen custom made for you and your family. Your needs and desires are unique and the design for your custom kitchen in Dallas and Austin should reflect and incorporate that personality and lifestyle. What will it be? An intimate kitchen for two, full or romance and intimacy? A deluxe chef’s kitchen complete with state of the art appliances, gadgets and an abundance or work and prep areas? Or an spacious eat-in kitchen with a custom island perfect to many hands to share in the meal making, build-ins for efficiency and a ton of storage space for implements and groceries. You share your kitchen dream with us, we will design it, and make it a reality.

Every Chaparrel Custom Kitchen is designed and built to perfection for YOU! Our valued Dallas and Austin clients!

Spicewood Kitchen


Spicewood Kitchen 004

Spicewood Kitchen 003
Spicewood Kitchen 008
Spicewood Kitchen 002

Hero Drive Kitchen


Lampasas Kitchen